Development strategy

The vision of QUANTOR Group is to establish itself as an international engineering company managing projects on a large scale.

QUANTOR Group offers its customers stability based on the Company's financial capability, partnership potential, many years of expertise, and team competencies. Its sustainable development is strategically related to implementation of various economical, environmental and technical tools including:

  • enhancing customer satisfaction by providing tailored, up-to-date and efficient solutions,

  • improving the quality of services;

  • discovering new directions of business development;

  • improving the management system;

  • enhancing personnel competencies through training and development;

  • maximum possible reduction of negative environmental impact;

  • improvement of the practices used;

  • accident prevention when carrying out operations;

  • continuous improvement in all business activities.

A stable good quality of services and work safety are ensured by strict adherence to the Company and customer's prescribed procedures, processes and regulations.