Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluation and Audit

Energy Efficiency Expert Evaluation and Audit

A promising area of business activity, which is currently being developed in Russia in compliance with Federal Law of the Russian Federation No 261-Ф3 On Energy Saving And Enhancement Of Energy Efficiency as well as in Kazakhstan in compliance with RoK Law No 541-IV3РК On Energy Saving And Enhancement Of Energy Efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Evaluation(Energy Audit) of the enterprise forms the basis for development and implementation of Energy Efficiency Improvement Program and as a result costs reduction of the products and improvement of their competitiveness. Using energy audit results helps to review trends and energy efficiency, identify non-efficient areas. In practice it takes from 3 months to 3 years to recoup the funds invested into energy saving activities.

Energy Audit involves:

  • documented survey of actual energy consumption efficiency trends which includes analysis of energy resources i.e. boiler/furnace fuels, electric power, heat power, compressed air, motor fuels, hot/cold water, etc., both enterprise-wise and individual processes or equipment;

  • instrument measurements to identify undue losses and consumption;

  • technical survey reports and energy performance certificate issued to energy consumer. The energy performance certificate contains information of the main fuel/heat/power consuming facilities at the plant and energy budget for base year period;

  • development of energy saving activities with annual savings and payback periods calculated;

  • support and active involvement in the energy-saving implementation activities.

QUANTOR Group is licensed to conduct energy audits and fully compliant to the requirements of Russian energy saving legislation:

  • Quantor Engineering Company is a member of EnergoAudit Expert Association (Self-Regulating Organization), SRO Certificate No. СРО-Э-033;

  • ZamanQuantor LLP is an accredited energy auditor of plants, facilities and buildings (Accreditation Certificate No. 084 as of April 06, 2015);

  • We have a team of highly qualified employees with field-specific education, solid work experience and specifically trained to carry out energy audit in accordance with Order No 148 issued by Russia's Ministry of Energy on April 07, 2010;

  • Our Company has all required Russian-made as well as foreign-made tools required to deliver energy survey.

The instrumentation fleet is duly verified, calibrated and serviced, and is completely sufficient for any in-house work.

Our Company is looking forward to cooperating with you. We guarantee high quality and efficient technology. Many years of service provided on-site, including energy audits, state-of-the-art diagnostic tools used for all kinds of instrumental survey, skilled staff, and adherence to the occupational safety requirements position QUANTOR Group as a reliable business partner.

Energy Saving Technology Solutions

QUANTOR Group, in cooperation with Energy Saving Technologies Engineering Centre, is developing a new business line to produce and deliver energy saving facilities for gas-consuming industrial sites in Kazakhstan. We deliver innovative solutions for air heating systems, heat-moisture treatment of reinforced concrete products, inert material heating, drying techniques for wood and agricultural products, etc.).

These pioneering techniques address state programs in Kazakhstan, such as:

  • Energy Audit and Energy Saving Program (On Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency Enhancement Act No. 541-IV as of January 13, 2012, and amendment dated of June 15,2015),

  • Innovative Technologies Program (On Innovation Technology Park Cluster Act No. 207-V as of June 10, 2014 , and amendment dated of December 29, 2014).

Our energy saving solutions can reduce energy costs, payback period and effectively market Kazakhstani products at the international level.