Quantor EC Accreditation Certificate for Calibration & Scope of Accreditation.

ZamanQuantor LLP Accreditation Certificate for Verification & Scope of Accreditation.

Permission for a Type (Types) of Activities that Affect Safety of Capital Structures.

License for Industrial Safety Expert Review Activities.

License for Installation, Repair & Maintenance of Fire Safety Facilities in Buildings & Structures.

License for Instrumentation Make & Repair.

Certificate of NDT Laboratory.

Certificate of ComplianceInspection.

Certificate of Electrical Laboratory Registration.

Permission of a Self-Regulating Organization for Energy Survey Activities.

Certificate of Accrediation in Energy Audit.

Permission of a Self-Regulating Organization for Architectural & Construction Design Activities.

Permission for Corrosion Survey & Cathodic Protection Facilities Survey Activities (Transneft Research Institute).

Certificate ZamanQuantor LLP is a member of the union of legal entities "Union of service companies of Kazakhstan".