Custody Transfer Systems

Custody Transfer Systems

One of the legacy activities of the Quantor Group is commissioning, maintenance and metrological support of commercial oil & gas custody transfer systems. An accurate measurement of consumed energy is now becoming increasingly essential due to constantly growing energy prices.

Maintenance of custody transfer systems is aimed to reduce equipment failures and downtime and achieved through preventive and routine procedures, regular inspection of the facilities, recommendations for customers, and equipment renovation and upgrade projects.

All works are delivered in strict compliance with valid scope of works, maintenance schedules:

  • Recommendations on crude oil weight measuring while using oil quality and quantity measuring systems;

  • MI 3081-2007, Quality and quantity measuring systems of crude oil, light oils and liquid hydrocarbons. Maintenance and repair. General provisions.

Quantor Group:

  • carry out survey and initial survey of hydrocarbon custody transfer systems,

  • develop technical specification for review and approval by customer and the National Research Metrology Centre,

  • carry out detailed working design,

  • carry out metrological and industrial safety expert review,

  • assist in registering the working design at local Rostekhnadzor office,

  • select, integrate and deliver equipment,

  • carry out construction, installation, electrical installation and commissioning,

  • prepare operation manuals,

  • perform experimental-industrial production,

  • provide customer’s personnel training,

  • provide maintenance of oil and gas custody transfer systems,

  • provide metrology services (instrument verification, development of measurement procedures, registering in the State Register).

Quantor Group offers a wide range of services on metrology support of custody transfer (crude oil and petroleum products, gas, heat and water).

We built long term relationships with governmental authorities and metrology centers both in Russia and Kazakhstan, such as: Kazakhstan Institute of Metrology (KIM), National Centre for Expertise & Certification (NCEC), Mendeleyev Institute for Metrology (VNIIM), All-Russian Research Institute of Flow Metering (VNIIR).

Custody Transfer Systems

The Quantor Group’s metrology and calibration laboratories provide testing, calibration and repair services. Scope of accreditation involves:

  • liquid flow transmitters,

  • temperature & pressure transmitters,

  • level transmitters,

  • oil moisture meters,

  • density and viscosity transmitters,

  • gas analyzers, etc.

Custody Transfer Systems

We have a wide range of high-accuracy portable reference standards both of foreign and Russian origin, auxiliary instruments, and calibration gas mixtures. Almost 400 units of measuring equipment, which are used in delivery of the services within the scope of accreditation. These are mostly on-site services provided in the field:

  • pyknometers (H&D Fitzgerald Ltd),

  • coulometers (Mettler Toledo),

  • vibration level device calibration rigs (ВСВ-131),

  • waterdraw systems (Potok-1),

  • versatile calibrators (types MC5-R, TRX-II),

  • portable pressure, temperature, electrical and current calibrators.

The following activities are provided to improve quantity and quality measurements accuracy while delivering metrology maintenance of custody transfer system:

  • reference standards upgrade,

  • development of new or updated measurement procedures and registering with the State Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Quantor Group is a current contractor for Caspian Pipeline Consortium, delivering maintenance and metrology services of oil custody transfer systems at the Tengiz-Novorossiysk oil pipeline.