Official dealer of KOSO

Published: 2017.10.29 16:58
Official dealer of KOSO

Shut-off and control valves are an integral part of production processes with the use of liquid, gas-vapor and bulk substances in all spheres of human activity. An armature of any class includes three main elements: a body, a drive and a working body (shut-off, regulating, etc.), consisting of a saddle and a shutter moving or rotating relative to it. The quality and reliability of shut-off and control valves is classified according to the main features:

- by functional purpose;

- according to working conditions - pressure, temperature, chemical activity and toxicity of the transported medium, explosion hazard of the environment;

- by the diameter of the nominal bore;

- by the method of connecting the body to the pipeline;

- by the construction of the case;

- depending on the method of sealing the working body in the body;

- depending on the design of the working body drive.

According to their purpose, fittings are divided into the following main classes:

- shut-off, designed to completely shut off the flow of the medium;

- safety, providing a partial release or bypass of the working medium when the pressure rises to a value that threatens the strength of the structure of the production system, and also prevents backflow of the medium inadmissible for technological reasons;

- regulating, the purpose of which is to control the operating parameters of the medium flow (pressure, flow rate, temperature) by changing the flow area;

- control, which determines the level of the working environment;

- other, intended for various specific operations.

Based on the presented features and classifications, very high requirements are imposed on industrial valves and control valves, which meet the products of the following manufacturing companies: KOSO (Japan), Richter (Germany), Pekos (Spain), VEXVE Finland, Polna (Poland), Regin ( Sweden), OUMAN (Finland), which produce all the necessary shut-off and control valves for the petrochemical, oil and gas processing industries. The listed valve manufacturers are represented on the CIS market by SpetsPromArmatura LLC.

A distinctive feature of KOSO is high quality and relatively low price due to the optimization of supply logistics. The company's factories are located all over the world (Japan, Korea, Great Britain, Italy, USA, India, China).

QUANTOR Group is a dealer of LLC "SpetsPromArmatura" on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan. We are ready to solve the problems of calculating and selecting equipment from the above manufacturers in accordance with the customer's specifications at optimal prices and delivery terms.

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