Seminar-meeting of specialists in corrosion protection

Published: 2015.04.26 11:37
Seminar-meeting of specialists in corrosion protection

April 21 to 24, 2015, Stavropol-based SIGNAL Radio Plant held a workshop dedicated to the latest cathodic protection technology for pipelines and other buried metal structures.

The workshop assembled over 40 leading experts from gas distribution and design companies of Russia and neighbouring states. QUANTOR Group was represented by Mr. Adil Nigmatullin, Deputy Director for Production.

The attendees were demonstrated the latest cathodic protection facilities, including СКЗ-ИП-МР2, СКЗ-ИП-МК4, СКЗ-ИП-Б1(2) - module-type inverting cathodic protection stations (CPS), as well as polymer test posts, automatic standby converter switches, and other equipment. The data was provided by SIGNAL's leading specialists: Mr. P. Chumak, Deputy Chief Engineer, Mr. P. Rudomyotkin, Special Design Bureau, Mr. A. Bondarenko, Chief CP Specialist, Mr. V. Semikin, Special Design Bureau Dept.

A. Vasilenko, Technical Director of an ANT-Inform subsidiary in Krasnodar, made a presentation of a SKAT-S corrosion monitoring subsystem, and demonstrated it in real operation integrally with a СКЗ-ИП-М1 CPS.

The guests also visited SIGNAL's major departments and shops.